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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, Zentasia.com

What does it truly mean to surrender?

We would like to think that we are in control of our own lives, and in many aspects, we are.  But there is a greater plan and reason why many if us are here right now and many people do not feel they’re achieving these plans or reasons.

The ultimate part of surrender is to release the need for control of yourself and others. This does not mean that you live your life haphazardly. It means to surrender to your higher power, KNOWING that you are always being guided to exactly where you need to be.

Those who have a controlling nature will find this to be a difficult task. These are usually Type A personalities as well as extroverts who need the attention and approval of others in order to feel appreciated.

The Type B personality is more laid back and tends to go within for answers, but even they will need to surrender at some point in their spiritual journeys.

When you surrender, you become more in tune with everything around you. You realize and accept your higher power has everything planned in perfect, divine timing. Many times, we question WHY things happen when they do as well as the lessons we are supposed to be learning.  At the time, it feels as though whatever is happening is happening at the WORST time possible!

In the past month, I’ve surrendered several times and will continue to do so when things become unbearable. There is a lot on my plate, just like many of you who are reading this, and sometimes, we need to pass the ball to a higher source and have faith that it will all work out. Some things are completely out of our control, so why allow that to eat away at out inner peace?

When surrendering, I will verbally and loudly say, “I surrender, Universe. Please show me signs and guidance. I need your help!”


The answers may not come immediately, but they WILL come.

For example, every day I do a Walk of Gratitude where I walk down to the beach seawall and express my gratitude for everything I’m thankful for in my life.  On my way back up the beach, I do a “Love Bubble” meditation, were everyone who comes into my energy field receives unconditional love energy from my heart center. While walking back, I passed a woman talking to another woman by the shoreline.  I have no idea what they were talking about but as I passed them, one woman told the other, “You need to let it all go.”

Spirit has a funny way of working through people. Sometimes, what we hear may not be simply messages to others, but for ourselves.  It’s like having a random song pop into your head for no apparent reason, yet there IS A BIG reason why that song just happened to come to you. You were supposed to hear it.  Look deeper into that song and find the message(s) you’re supposed to learn.

Sometimes, we simply need to “let it all go”.

By surrendering, we also release our egos.  Our natural pride makes us think that we can resolve any issue but some issues are completely out of our control, yet the ego still thinks that these issues are fixable.  They are… without the ego and through surrendering to your higher power. (The ego will not be pleased to hear this!)

I would recommend meditating after surrendering in order to regain the balance needed in every day life.  Be sure to give gratitude to your higher power and truly LET GO of all control.

Also, be sure to protect yourself BEFORE you meditate:

Surrendering - Daily Moment of Zen

Sending you all infinite LOVE & Light!



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About the authorNamaste, I’m Gregg Prescott.  Despite being a Triple Libra and a self-proclaimed introvert, I’m also a public speaker and have spoken at many conferences as well as hosting an online radio show and LIVE Facebook shows. As a Triple Libra, I’m constantly seeking balance. Zentasia helps to bring me to that point and In turn, I can help others in finding their moments of zen.  Feel free to follow Gregg and his Facebook Live videos on Facebook  as well as our Zentasia Facebook page. Peace.

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