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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, Zentasia.com

It’s happened to every single one of us. An event occurs in your life that seemingly feels devastating, and it might well be, but from this devastation comes valuable lessons to be learned.

You may have experienced the loss of a loved one, a close friend, or even a partner.  You may have lost a job and been down on your luck. Any number of situations can occur that brings humility into our lives, yet we seem to be resilient as time passes on.

While time heals all wounds, is time simply enough to replace part of you that seems lost?

What lessons we learned when you last felt this way?

Have you made peace with yourself or did you simply bury away the thoughts?

Perceived societal flaws

Our society places a lot of pressure on us to look and act a certain way.  By doing so, we conform to societal standards of expectations, but is this truly reality or are are pretending to be someone else in order to seek approval from our peers?

If you stand out from the crowd in ANY way, you may be considered a freak instead of being strong enough to not conform to societal standards.

This goes much deeper than simply what you wear or how you look.

Some people have psychological issues such as stuttering or bipolar disorder.

Some people are born with “abnormalities”.

Some people are born with amazing abilities, such as clairvoyance, ESP, etc… but get ridiculed by others who don’t have, or understand these abilities.

In any given situation, despite the hurt and ridicule, we MUST make peace with our broken pieces.

Nobody knows you better than YOU!

Through reflection, we can see repeating patterns throughout our lives that bring us to similar results, time and time again. The situations keep repeating until the lesson is learned. For example, look at your history of being in a relationship. Were there any common reasons for ending these relationships? Did part of you fragment off, or get left behind, from those relationships?

What insecurities do you have?

Are you overly concerned about what other people think about you?

What is the root cause for these concerns?

Make Peace With Your Broken Pieces


By honestly answering the above questions, you’ll be able to locate the source of these issues and can finally begin to resolve these issues, once and for all.

Self acceptance and self love is the first in making peace with your broken pieces.

Forgiveness is the next step.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  By doing so, you release ALL karma involved.

Write affirmations. You are perfect, whole, and complete, just as you are RIGHT NOW!

The healing process won’t happen overnight, but it can begin RIGHT NOW!  make peace with your broken pieces so you can finally move forward, in peace and in love.

Sending you all infinite LOVE & Light!


About the authorNamaste, I’m Gregg Prescott.  Despite being a Triple Libra and a self-proclaimed introvert, I’m also a public speaker and have spoken at many conferences as well as hosting an online radio show and LIVE Facebook shows. As a Triple Libra, I’m constantly seeking balance. Zentasia helps to bring me to that point and In turn, I can help others in finding their moments of zen.  Feel free to follow Gregg and his Facebook Live videos on Facebook  as well as our Zentasia Facebook page. Peace.

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