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Have you met your spirit guide(s) yet? I was lucky enough to meet one of mine.  While living in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York, I had an affinity to the ocean and palm trees but had no idea why.  Eventually, in my 40’s, I moved to Florida when I had a dream where I met one of my spirit guides.  She looked as if she was an American Indian with long, straight, flowing black hair and wearing a white gown.  She introduced herself to me saying, “Hi Gregg.  I’m Tamara, your spirit guide.”  I was so blown away by this encounter that I thought to myself, “I NEED to remember her name”, so I kept repeating her name over and over again in my head.  I did this so many times that I actually woke myself up out of this dream without ever asking Tamara anything!

So, here it it around 3am and I’m thinking to myself, “Every name has a meaning.”  I looked up the meaning for Tamara (Tamra) and it means “Palm Tree”.

It all made sense!

Not everyone’s spirit guide will necessarily come to them in a dream.  Here’s another way you can make contact with your spirit guide.



by Conrad Raw,

Spirit guides have been around all of us since humans appeared on the earth. Some can sense their guide or guides and others don’t nor fully understand just what a spirit guide is.

The spirit guides reside in a different dimension on the astral plain. They operate on a higher vibrational frequency and can be reached through meditation, hypnosis, ritual or any sort of energy raising actions. The guides are with us to help us through life. They are not here to serve us or us to serve them; it is a symbiotic relationship of partnership. If we ask them nicely for answers, it will usually be provided. You are after all talking to your higher self.

Many children have experienced spirit guides through imaginary friends, or what the parents refer to as imaginary friends. Most psychologists will say the imaginary friend is due to loneliness of the child or as a part of play. But psychologist also state that children with imaginary friends will sometimes give them the personality they lack or will talk to the friend about things that are stressful or upsetting to the child. Once the child grows into adulthood, the imaginary friend becomes less and less important although some do retain their friend, but learn to suppress them due to adults and peer-pressure.

SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Religion = subservience, control and conformity, the same template as EVERY government! Try studying psychology experiments in conformity involving Solomon Asch (below) and Stanley Milgram. The sheep will always follow the flock.

Spirit guides are with us nearly all the time even if we choose to ignore them or are not in the habit of giving them a thought. They tend to approach us in a way that is familiar or comfortable to us, such as in a dream, during meditation, hypnosis and in human or animal form. Some believe the spirit guides are souls that have been here before leading lives as we do now. Because they were once human, they have their own identities and their own way of doing things.

In some religious beliefs, spirit guides are called guardian angles, but guardian angels are the same as spirit guides. We may have several spirit guides depending on the life situation and we may have a master guide, like that of an arch-angel to help us when needed who joins with us at birth and stays with us throughout life.

How To Contact Your Spirit Guide

To contact your spirit guide, you should sit quietly with no distractions, relax, clear your mind and focus. This possibly could be done when going to bed for the night. It is not necessary to speak out loud. Spirit guides generally use telepathy to communicate because thought has its own energy. Mentally say hello. Wait for answer or a greeting, but don’t expect this to happen immediately. Again as with anything worth doing, it takes time and patience. Relax. Continue with your questioning. It is easier to limit your questions to yes and no answers. When first starting to contact your guides, keep it simple.

Image: Pixabay

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